Juan Perdiguero


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Juan Perdiguero
About the author

Juan Perdiguero, originally from Madrid, Spain, is a mixed media artist whose work combines photography and drawing. He holds a BFA (painting and art conservation) and a doctoral degree (Art) from Madrid Universidad Complutense. He eraned a n MFA at SUNY Buffalo. Perdiguero is currently a Professor in drawing at SUNY Oswego Department of Visual Arts. He has exhibited his work in many galleries and museums including Galeria Metropolitana, Galeria 3 Punts (Barcelona, Berlin), Twin Gallery (Madrid), Peter Taal Gallery (Rotterdam), The Alternative Museum, Exit Art (New York), Burchfiedl Penney Art Center, Albright-Knox Gallery (Buffalo), Memorial Art Gallery (Rochester),Delaware Center for The Contemporary Arts (Wilmington, DE). His work is numerous public and private collections including those of the Burchfiel Penney Art Center, MEAM (Museum of Contemporary Figurative Art, Barcelona) and the David Bowie collection.