Julian Rubalcaba


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Julian Rubalcaba
About the author

I am a full-time Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist with twelve years of professional experience and five years of teaching experience who would love to share my knowledge of the industry. I have designed for communities, non-profit organizations, small businesses, corporations, and universities throughout Southern California. Prior to earning my M.F.A in Graphic Design, I gained teaching experience at California State University of Long Beach as part of the Arts and Services for the Disabled and Arts Bridge programs available on campus. While volunteering for AmeriCorps, a U.S. Government civil society program, I conducted workshops and seminars for local organizations and for members of the community. As an active participant in the San Bernardino City Fine Arts Commission, the San Bernardino County Arts Connection, and The Association of Latino, Faculty, Staff, and Students at California State University of San Bernardino, I am engaged in debates pertaining to globalization, the arts, social justice issues, and the underlying connection across disciplinary boundaries. I conduct critical analysis of past and present aspects of society. The work that I create has shown to improve societies by making individuals more self-aware and socially aware, thereby motivating action for social change. Art is examined from philosophical, historical, psychological, and sociological points of view to create a body of work that combines informative content with intent, purposeful-functional design, and uses multiple forms of media. The teaching philosophy and curriculum that I implement introduces Multicultural and Critical theories to students. Students are encouraged to work with varied age groups with diverse backgrounds within their community to demonstrate their understanding of art, learn how to make art applicable and available to the public, and become mentors and role models for youth. Curriculum consists of developing positive human relationships among diverse groups and individuals to fight stereotyping, discrimination, and promote unity. Students will learn the fundamental principals of art, to interpret and engage in constructive critiques, develop well-formulated theories and practices of their own. I instruct students not to rely on a particular style but to form their own methodologies, strategies, and thinking processes to strive towards designing new innovative artwork. I have worked with a wide range of culturally diverse students, faculty, and staff to develop much of my research. I continue to publish articles and conduct seminars, teachings, and workshops on the relationship between art and social justice issues on a global scale to raise the stature of art and the artist. I understand the value of cultural diversity, human rights, respect for differences, alternative life choices, social justice, equal opportunity, and equitable distribution of power and the relationship that these values have with art.