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Jan-Michelle Sawyer
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JAN-MICHELLE SAWYER Artist Statement Rolling hills, tree forts and chasing rabbits along with making mud pies filled my childhood days. Sitting in my tree house looking afar I’d often imagine my life as an artist. My future seemed like a blank canvas…what kind of artist would I be? Years later it would take getting a BA in psychology so I could analyze this question and earning a PhD in Humanities so I could explain and arrive at one answer: I am a Sculptor. Today, I’m still making mud pies, albeit with durable and permanent materials! I am a sculptor whose sculptures educate and inform. I am a mid-career sculptor who is also a young sculptor. I have been practicing since 1994. I am an interdisciplinary public artist, specializing in public art and design team collaboration. Many of my works have been commemorative sculptures of real people. Commemorative sculpture is an invitation for the viewer to learn something about the subject and to probe further, in understanding, who the subject was and what they did in their life to be honored through sculptural means. I also create contemporary works of art and I want to have more opportunities to work on this scale. I view my modern works of art as a means to enhance public space while being accessible to the public, both pedestrian and to motorists. I strive to create art in which the act of viewing art creates an alchemic passing of knowledge transpires. When present and future generations are inspired by both realistic and contemporary sculpture, an enhanced sense of community pride emerges, bringing with it positive energy, education, and community pride. My role as a sculptor is to translate community need into real and tangible physical symbolic opportunities that reflect a sense of place. My design process is deeply reflective and grounded in research coupled by lots of communication. I am attuned to creating site specific art that will remain timeless and appropriate for generations to come. I have an innate ability to solve problems when working with tight budgets on materials and execution. I am well known for meeting deadlines and completing work on time within budget. I am a resourceful team player, whose intent is to create great art and to also raise the standards for all involved.