Julia Skornyakova


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Julia Skornyakova
About the author

I embarked on the path of the artist in my very early childhood. A talent I inherited from my grandfather. My grandfather was a talented self-taught artist. Parents wish I became a lawyer. Since 2008, finished his career as a lawyer in Novosibirsk. Long been in search of himself. Helped a serious case. In 2011 I received a spinal (vertebral fractures) . This allowed us to return to the hobby in a long life – drawing. For the love of art. The work was donated, and then sold. I believed in myself. All thoughts of temporary disability is gone into the unknown. Creativity brought me back to full life and gave wings. I just do what I want from you heart and soul, evoking emotions and thoughts in the viewer. Experiment with and are in constant search of interesting ideas, keeping pace with the times. My job that already exists, lies on the surface. My work is about how to make life brighter and deeper.