James Trujillo


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James Trujillo
About the author

Artist's Bio: James Richard Trujillo is an emerging, award-winning self-taught American contemporary artist currently living and working in the northern tier of Pennsylvania. He was born November of 1981 in Philadelphia, PA to William and Catherine Trujillo. James greatly enjoys and uses the acrylic medium and is passionate about combining it with various sized stretched canvases. The main subject or idea of James's work is the tree however the way he sees, paints and interprets them are unique, creative, original and unusual. A retired Navy veteran, proud father of two small boys, runner and active member of his community who somehow finds the time for his art. His vision for art, what art is, what art should be and how art is done are extremely important characteristics that factor into his work. He usually finds that between running, traveling and parenting there's a space for painting but he won't bother unless the passion, desire and motivation to create something special for the world exists and is extremely prevalent. Artist's Statement: I believe my motivation to paint and the subject I have chosen comes from the experiences I've had, the life I've lived and the life I currently live combined with the ability to utilize the depths of my mind as factors for the art I create, will create and have created.