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Kenn Coplan
About the author

I am from Chicago and obtained my BA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in Cinema and Photography and went on to get my MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. My current project is a photographic survey and documentation of my local desert. There are several aspects to this project. The first part of this project was a photographic survey of three abandoned World War II air force runways and their current condition. One of the runways is now the location of Surprise, Arizona’s City Hall. Another one of these airfields has been turned into a 10,000-unit track housing development that is currently on hold because of the economy. The third runway is still abandoned and unused. While photographing the airfields, I came across my latest inspiration; the litter that covers what once was an unmolested desert. I am using recovered objects (trash) to make sculptures (Rust Angels) in the hope to funding a future clean up of these sites. In Arizona illegal dumping is extensive and so vast that some sites can be located using Goggle Earth Maps. To address the issue, I propose to connect and mobilize the community through art. A fine-art quality photo essay of illegal dumping will be created as part of a mobile exhibit that will be used to increase public awareness.