Kat Corrigan


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Kat Corrigan
About the author

Kat Corrigan is an award winning Minneapolis artist whose work is widely collected in the United States as well as Great Britain, Australia, Japan, and Lebanon. She has a number of degrees, most having to do with education or art, from St Ben’s, St Kate’s, St Thomas, and St Mary’s Universities and Colleges, up to and including a Master’s degree. She has studied and worked with Bela Petheo, Elizabeth Erickson, Hazel Belvoe, Pat Olson, Carol Marine, and Liz Siverston among other recognized artists, and is an active member of WARM, MAA, and NAEA. She has spent a week every spring at the Grand Marais Art Colony studying with Elizabeth Erickson for over two decades, continually refreshed at the new ideas and images that come flooding with the inspiration. Kat teaches “Painting Lessons” from her South Minneapolis studio and is committed to the concept of Daily Painting, which she posts nearly daily on her blog. She shows in area galleries and actively seeks commissions.