Kathy Kafka


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Kathy Kafka
About the author

Kathy Kafka developed an interest in photography at a young age and has spent years photographing as a way of expressing herself. Her passion for photography has focused on the art and the essence of capturing the moment. Kathy has the ability to capture the natural beauty in a single frame. She will seize the true essence of every photograph through natural lighting and stunning surroundings. Kathy has been photographing for many years and loves every minute of it. She has a relaxed style of photographing so to capture images that are spontaneous and real. Her philosophy is to keep things as real and genuine as possible. It is about connecting people with nature. Her style of photography is very natural and expressive, appreciating the unique moments and sharing with others. It is about telling the story through beautiful photographs. Kathy is the mom of four wonderful children and a great man in her life. Kathy lives is South Florida. She received her BS from Florida State University and MBA from Barry University. Today she can be found anywhere with camera in hand. Kathy has turned her experience of photography as art, of both nature and abstract at home and abroad. With Florida and the beautiful east coast on her doorstep there is no shortage of inspiration. With a concentration on nature and landscapes, her passion is photography, writing and travel. Photography has become a very important part of her life. She hopes to do years of extensive travel to photograph all over the world.