Kimberly Marcucci


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Kimberly Marcucci
About the author

Kim Marcucci was born one of triplets in Springfield, Oregon. Art was always a part of her creative family. Her mother painted, her aunt danced in the NYC ballet, one brother was a writer, the other brother a chef and her grandmother fostered the arts in the whole family. Marcucci’s appreciation of art started at a young age growing up with the opera, live theater and ballet. After high school, Marcucci traveled to Canada and lived in a log cabin in the wilderness for nine months. This sparked her interest in the “Last Frontier” and she moved to Alaska in 1977. During high school, she took a painting class and her work was frowned upon because it wasn’t realistic. Marcucci didn’t pick up a brush again until she was in her thirties and chose painting over computers as her major in college. While raising two children, Marcucci graduated in 1995 magna cum laude with a BFA in Painting and a Minor in Fiber from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. After exploring different genres, it was the challenges of abstraction that held her interest. Marcucci developed her style of layering during college, using combinations of acrylic, charcoal, oil, and collage enveloped in acrylic medium. Marcucci’s reputation for always being covered with paint from head to toe is a reflection of her uninhibited exuberance in painting. Marcucci’s style continues to evolve, but the constant is vibrant color, dramatic design and movement, through bold brushwork and contrast. Marcucci shares studio space with two other artists in south Anchorage. Although painting is considered solitary work, her shared studio offers an atmosphere of camaraderie, feedback and support. Traveling abroad coupled with her Chickasaw heritage influences her work through texture, pattern, design, surface and color. Marcucci lives in Anchorage with her husband Will and is represented by Stephan Fine Arts.