Kathleen McSherry


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Kathleen McSherry
About the author

Born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, NY. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Kathleen McSherry has had a long career in advertising and marketing in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She has taught at the School of Visual Arts, Syracuse University, Pratt Institute in New York, University of the Arts and Temple University in Philadelphia and Drew University in New Jersey. Throughout her tenure as an art/creative director in advertising, she was also a cartoonist. Kathleen says "I see the cartoon as one of the purest forms of communication. It has whimsy, insight and poignancy.” Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Japan, the Middle East and South America. When diagnosed with MS, she created a series of sculpture using needles from her MS medication called “The Art of Acceptance.” She has worked in 3-D ever since. Her work has been called “three dimensional cartoons.” Kathleen is always on a search for new and satisfying mediums to tell stories, objects to make art, and statements to communicate. She has shown work locally and regionally. Her studio is in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. W