Ken Newman


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Ken Newman
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Born in Ft Bragg CA, Ken Newman is one of the foremost wood sculptors in the country today. Connected to wood as a young boy, he roamed the redwoods and the ocean of the north coast, worked as a third generation logger and then as a custom home contractor. Always connected to the wood. His interest for sculpture began in college while petitioning an independent study class in wood sculpture to fulfill a Humanities requirement. His artistic vision to create sculptures from unique raw forms of wood has garnered success, national recognition and awards for his wildlife sculptures. Ken has continued to evolve leading him into mixed media and bronze sculptures in both wildlife and the figurative genres, with great success. When sculpting from a single piece of wood; Ken’s goal is to create a respect for nature and to convey and share an appreciation and understanding of wood and wildlife. Woods’ warmth, innate beauty, tactile attraction and unique characteristics make the medium constantly challenging. Now living in Idaho, Ken states that “my work questions and interprets the relationships of man and nature and how each influences the other. My art is a statement of my journey of life, an effort to understand the world around me (us). As we become distanced from the natural world, I try to capture a unique view of nature where discovery becomes a focal point. I enjoy creating art to impact the viewer’s thoughts and perceptions of nature.” Sculpting in new mediums and subjects including the figure, gives Ken another opportunity to share a vision or story with those who love art. Ken Newman is an Elected Member of the National Sculpture Society, the Allied Artists of America and the Audubon Artists all of NYC. He is also a Signature member of the Society of Animal Artists of NYC, and an Affiliate member of the National Sculptors’ Guild in Colorado.