Kristina Oliver


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Kristina Oliver
About the author

Kristina Oliver has resided in Indiana nearly 20 years and has recently immersed herself into the growing arts scene of the Midwest. Although largely self-taught, Kristina has taken many formal and community art classes. It was through an experimental art class where she discovered that she enjoyed learning new techniques, especially with acrylics and acrylic mediums. These adventures have led Kristina to the exciting sphere of abstract art. Her process of creating an abstract comes from having an open mind to materials, color, technique, and composition. Most of her pieces are created on canvas, with a mix of fluid acrylics, pouring and gel mediums, and many have resin incorporated or used as a finish. Kristina is a juried member of the Hamilton County Artists' Association (HCAA), and recently placed 2nd at the HCAA Recognition Exhibit. She currently has a month long solo and local exhibit featuring her latest mixed-media abstracts.