Katherine Riveros


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Katherine Riveros
About the author

As an artist, my drawings explore into the subconscious and deal with psychological effects the human mind develops in order to remain stable in society. The lines are blurred between reality and fantasy in order to cope with outside forces that have triggered responses towards the subject. In this case, the subject matter is the artist. In my current work, images have been produced automatically, without knowing how the final product would come out, only emotions and experiences leading the hand to create marks and figures onto the paper. This method is still used but I have allowed myself to have complete control at times when it comes to editing and fixing the composition. My art is expressive, personal, and is expressed by figures, which are sometimes abstracted and deformed. With continuous practice and further observation of the images produced, I have come to a conclusion that these drawings are more than absent minded images produced out of thin air but there is a method/system in which they are created. Time and emotion play a role in which direction the images will take. I have arrived at a conclusion, noting that these images have become a visual representation of a “diary”, expressing issues that I have and am going through. While some may say it is personal and I agree, I have chosen myself as the subject because it is what I know best.