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Kenneth Schiano
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BIO ……………no Mayflower roots, no religious fixation, ardor or eagerness, no mystic liaison, no academic pedigree, no pets to exploit, no ex-hedge fund manager, no brush with death, no minority identity to plumb, no transcultural displacement, no graduate of a government re-education program, no trust fund, no brave men run in my family, no academic misfit, no compunctions, no cool kid, no painful childhood, no snapshot of myself at 5 absorbed in a creative/scientific act, no stints in a mental hospital (or prison), no parent a famous artist, no unfathomable anger, no punk band leader, no signature style, no child of a circus family, no debilitating illness to overcome, no persecuted memories, no hair, no hereditary largess, no mommy fixation, no paranoid recluse, no hobo-aesthete, no raconteur, no party-on, no exhibitionist, no lothario, no member of an active (or defunct) school of thought, no social diseases, no gimmicks or tricks, no wealthy patrician lineage, no tormented lovelife, no larger than life personality, no shadowy figure, no drinking problem, no hero-enigma, no dysfunction, I’m not insane, not insane…. “under what rock?”