kristin tollefson


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kristin tollefson
About the author

I am an artist and educator engaged in the relationship between humans and environment. Metaphor, transformation, accumulation, and grown and manufactured processes recur in my practice, and I am particularly drawn to ambiguity and mediation between apparent oppositions.  At once distinctly modern in appearance and fabricated using traditional and hand-worked techniques, pieces evoke a balance of decorative lightness and detailed construction. Line becomes volume. Multiple simple elements convene into powerful and complex wholes. The work is simultaneously scientific and poetic. My technical experience as a metalsmith and textile artist shapes both my choice of materials and my keen attention to detail and craft. Fractal theory, scientific illustration, micrograph photography and constellations inform my aesthetic.  I live on Bainbridge Island in Washington, between land and water, where I raise my children and work as Education Director for the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.