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Leora Armstrong
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STATEMENT Leora Armstrong grew up on the West Coast of Scotland surrounded by the sea, hills and Scottish weather. It was this changing light of the West Coast, upon the landscape, which happens so dramatically and wonderfully that has inspired her to work with colour. The work has evolved around these issues of external light and reflection, working with edges or fields of colour using various media. Through building up the pieces with many layers of paint and pigment the stories unfold, subtracting and adding, again create chapters. The reductive landscapes with minimized colour, allow the viewer, to experience the work as a sensed encounter of a place, sometimes it maybe just a memory. The circles and lines are a tracing of life with no beginning and no end, continually moving. There is a continual search into the memory of something lost, keeping a hint of the underneath without actually revealing what it is. Througout the work the search for experimentation with colour is a continuing story. “There is a moment…only a second really, that one can paint when the light is perfect…sometimes, just before the sun goes or rises and the glow of warmth has crept across the trees and fields…or the shadow of a cloud moves, after the rain storm reflecting not actual colour but one that is almost surreal, and yet, it is, for that one moment, the true colour.” She currently lives and works in North Eastern Connecticut CURRICULUM VITAE Leora Armstrong is a Scottish painter who currently lives and works in the USA 1988-1989 Putney Art School, London 1989-1990 Kingston Polytechnic Art Foundation 1990-1996 Chelsea College of Art BA Hons, London Solo Exhibitions 2015 “Surface” Gerald Bland New York 2012 ‘Leora Armstrong’ Edwina Hunt Show –New York, NY 2012 ‘Leora Armstrong’ NLGB Gallery – New York 2010 “External Light and Reflection” Darren Winston, Connecticut 2010 ‘Broken Lines” Gerald Bland, New York, NY 2008 ‘Leora Armstorng’ Gerald Bland, New York, NY 2005 ‘Fields’, Mabbetsville Gallery, New York 2003 73, Wooster Street, - New York Group Exhibitions 2013 Goggleworks Gallery PA 2012 Land Art Group Show - NY 2012 BWAC - Brooklyn NY 2012 Silvia White Gallery .CA 2011 “Small Works” Boltax Gallery, Shelter Island NY 2010 100sq ft Show New Orleans USA 2010 100sq ft Show London UK 2010 “Small Works” Boltax Gallery, Shelter Island NY 2010 Viridian Gallery, New York, NY 2010 Millbrook Group Show, Millbrook NY Public Collections The London Institute - London Chelsfield USA- New York Private collections