Laura Galbraith


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Laura Galbraith
About the author

Originally from Miami, FL, Galbraith's work creates a mix of traditional and digital art, combining the textures of a hand-drawn line, with the bright colors and atmosphere of digital work. She is a master of mixing traditional media with the computer, and her style is constantly evolving. She is currently creating and conceptualizing artwork in her Brooklyn, NY studio. Galbraith’s work tends to mix the real and the unreal, both literally (combining digital with traditional methods) but also creating dream-like atmospheres depicting the edge of reality and imagination. The strong inky lines stained into the paper, and drawn by hand represent permanence, synonymous with life and it’s inability to go back to the past to correct mistakes. The digital aspect of the work represents almost a daydream kind of effect that we all have. The hopeful wishing that things that aren’t possible in real life, are possible in this digital world. Juxtaposed together, they combine Galbraith’s wishes of living in an in-between state, not knowing whether or not one is dreaming or awake. Galbraith is a big fan of color and shape, and uses these two elements as basis for all of her works. Her drawings often convey a strong emotive power, which are very distinct in each of the lines used to create each work. Her love of graphic design, urban vinyl toys, and Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, come together in each powerfully expressionistic piece. Each drawing explores the creation of abstract dimensions - combining both 3d and 2d into one reality. The artist also correlates a connection with the female figure in her work, relating to her experiences as a woman and with other females in her family. Coming from a family of independent women, she re-creates symbolic struggles relative to these people in her life. These interpretations show both the strengths and weaknesses of women, in different stages of their lives.