Lori Lander


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Lori Lander
About the author

My oil paintings attempt to portray the daily rhythms of women across the world - in morning markets, at festivals, as members of their village gamelan orchestra. I am particularly drawn to the special grace of these women in the moments of their daily lives. My paintings explore the movement, color and light of their lives through pattern and texture. Twenty-eight years ago, after spending six weeks in Bali, I began painting images of Balinese women in the morning market of Ubud. Since that trip, I have traveled with my husband and children around the world. In each place we visit, we seek out the morning markets. Inspiration for my paintings are drawn from the markets of Tanzania, Morocco, Mexico, China, India and Bali. Recent paintings draw their inspiration from women’s gamelan orchestras in Bali. I was particularly moved by the pride these women radiated as they played music that all their lives had only been played by men. I am a largely self taught artist. I graduated with a B.A. from Princeton University and a J.D. from University of Miami School of Law. I retired from law 16 years ago to raise our three children and pursue my painting. I am also active in many non-profit and community organizations.