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Lawrence Romorini
About the author

Since 1985 Lawrence Romorini has specialized in 3-dimensional commemorative art for companies, organizations and distinguished leaders. Each retrospective showcases history, mission and accomplishments by incorporating miniaturized photos, publications, memorabilia and actual 3D items. Born in Milan, Italy, Romorini was educated in New York City at the New York School of Art and Design. From his early career in communications as an art director, Romorini went on to be the principal of his own advertising agency. Over the past 30 years as Founder of One Of A Kind Art Studio, Romorini has been commissioned to create three-dimensional commemorative art for General Electric, President Jimmy Carter, Marriott International, American Chemical Society, Cisco Systems, CEO Technology Council, Oprah Winfrey, Merrill Lynch, Michael Jordan, ESPN, Jack Kemp, Nasdaq, Boeing and Johns Hopkins, among others. In 2001, Romorini’s artwork “The Road to The White House 2001,” ran as a double-page spread in USA Today’s Presidential Inauguration issue to commemorate the campaign race and election process. His subsequent art, “The Road to The White House 2004” and “The Road to The White House 2008”, were displayed at Inaugural Balls and reproduced as posters. His unique “The Life Of A Tree,” created in 2006 to commemorate the 450-year story of the famous Wye Oak Tree, has been displayed at the Easton Art Gallery and Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Romorini received a Clio Award in 2008 for lobby art commissioned by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to celebrate their 75th anniversary. This art was reproduced as an interactive website feature with a descriptive key, describing each item within the collage. Lawrence Romorini custom designs and constructs each piece of 3-dimensional commemorative art. The images within the art are reproduced on archival paper and then elevated on different planes. 3D items give the work texture and authenticity. The entire retrospective is enclosed in Plexiglas. The miniaturization of the items allows Romorini to include many pieces of memorabilia, thus telling a large story in a finite amount of space. Washington Post, Corridor, The Robb Report, Family Business Magazine, Dossier, Gannett News Service, USA TODAY, Billboard Magazine, Washington Business Journal are among publications that have featured articles about Lawrence Romorini and his One Of A Kind Art Studio.