Laurentiu Todie


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Laurentiu Todie
About the author

Laurentiu Todié Artist Painter, Sculptor, Photographer 1952 Born in Constan?a, România 1961 Takes painting lessons from Ionel M?t?s?reanu and Cornel Iosif 1970 First show at the Youth Culture House, Constan?a Creates promotional posters for theatrical and musical events. 1977 Escapes Romania and obtains the political refugee status in Paris, France 1979 Applies and is accepted to emigrate to the USA 1985 June: One Man Show at Le Tricorne Gallery, Paris France November: One Man Show at Celladon Gallery, Soho NY Together with his brother Cristian, decide to sign their work Todié. 1986 June: SNECMA, Paris Le Temps Infiniment Présent September: Le Tricorne Gallery, Paris Perspective November: Le Tricorne Gallery Déformations Mécaniques 1988 December: Espace Gran Dia, Paris Bonne Année Monsieur Todié 1989 November: One Man Show at Ron Stein Gallery, Soho NY 2006 Project Chronophotography (photographic time capture) 2010 Project Recycled Pixels (Abstract Pop Art) 2010 Diagnosed with MS at the Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, NY 2011 September: Group Show at The Creative Center, NY 2011 November: Group Show at Art Ability, Malvern, PA