Lindsey Weicht


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Lindsey Weicht
About the author

Lindsey is a mixed media artist currently working out of her home studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. After spending the majority of her professional life in the fashion industry she decided to pursue a full-time art career towards the end of 2017. Lindsey mainly creates with acrylic & oil, her subjects include modern abstract and figurative works. Occasionally she enjoys shaking things up a bit and stepping out of her comfort zone with experimental series using new techniques. Lindsey finds inspiration in her own life’s colors, whether it’s traveling, literature, design, or perspective, inspiration is everywhere- even when you are not looking for it! Although never fully completing an art degree, Lindsey has studied/worked with various subjects in fine and applied arts as well as design, and self-taught techniques. She keeps her process simple by allowing her vision to unfold organically on a blank space going by gut and impulse.