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Maliha Abidi
About the author

I am in love with exploring and so I have been to 11 Countries (as of May 2014) so far with what I earn from selling my art work and doing photography. It gives me a sense of hard work and responsibility. I travel for the experience and to do small projects on different rich cultures so that I can share it with the World through my art. This brings a positive change that I have seen. Another reason behind doing such projects is to tell the amazing yet untold stories to the World and I am glad that God has blessed me with art so that I can continue with my mission. I have exhibited my work nationally and internationally. My recent exhibition was in Thailand where I was one of the 20 artist selected from all around the World for a meditation artistic retreat. 1st of its kind. I was the youngest one and was representing Pakistan and the United States. I am also the youth director of a drug abuse organization called Wake Up where I educate teens about the danger of prescription drugs. Its my great pleasure to help the community in anyway possible. I have a part of several other programs. Coming back to what I said earlier, I love exploring so this is just a part of me. I explore whatever comes my way and sometimes I go out of my way to discover art. Through art, I am telling the untold stories and am celebrating the love affair of colors and creativity.