Michael Eggers


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Michael Eggers
About the author

I graduated from the University of Washington but I was classically untrained in art at the school of hard knocks. I was born in the city of Seattle, Washington. I now live and create in the rural town of Snohomish, Washington. My passions in visual arts are photography, sculpture, and abstract painting.  My goal as an artist is to find simple beauty.  Beauty is everywhere, the key is that you have to slow down and look for it. In our fast paced world many people walk or drive by the same areas day after day and miss many small wonders. I enjoy photography because at a moments notice I can capture these daily treasures.  I enjoy abstract art because the same piece of art can mean many things to different people. The key is the reaction that people have to it. Positive, negative or anything in between as long as it elicits a feeling.  I enjoy sculpture art because you get to enjoy the journey of physically manifesting in 3D the thoughts that bounce around in your head. COMMUNITY: - Member of Artist Trust - Member of Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council - Volunteer at the Maltby Food Bank