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Marcia Green
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Marcia Green I was born in the city of Washington, DC. My interest in art began the same as most children’s, with scribbling. Eventually, I began to draw flowers and trees. These drawings became small books once I discovered the stapler. I would title them “My Tree Book” or “My Flower Book”. These projects took up a great deal of my day(s) and my grandmother’s note writing paper. Eventually, my grandmother decided I needed my own paper just drawing. In school Art was my favorite class. I was encouraged at Logan Elementary School, by a visiting Artist to continually practice my drawing skills and they would improve. Up until that point I don’t think I thought about drawing as a skill. It was just something I could do like braiding my hair or playing jacks. However, I began to think more about what I was drawing and challenge my self more. It just so happened that I attended other public schools that presented opportunities to improve my skills more. At Alice Deal, Jr. High, we took Art and Music classes every year. My high school, Woodrow Wilson, actually had an art department. This is where I was introduced to pastels, oils, acrylics and model making. I also took Advertising Art at the Lemuel Penn Center. After high school, I enrolled myself in UDC as an Accounting major but eventually discovered the Art department and ceramics. From that point much of my free time was spent in the ceramics studio making clay, glazes, pots or firing a kiln. Working with clay made me more experimental and more aware of how art is connected to nature. After graduating with a B.A. in Studio Art from UDC, much of the 1990’s was spent raising children and working part-time. I created artwork on commission and jewelry. I discover poly-form clay and taught myself to make beads. I sold jewelry at markets, fairs and salons. In 1996 I began teaching art in a private school. I taught Art (and other subjects) in at various schools over the years. Currently I work in early childhood education. I have managed lately to exhibit my artwork locally. Some work has also been used for cover art on some local publications. I am now creating montages, which are very time-consuming but extremely relaxing for me. They allow me to become more abstract with my art. I am challenged but never frustrated. I am very happy with this medium. . My plans for the future include reproducing my artwork. I wish to increase my skills through experience and practice and transfer my knowledge to our youth.