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About the author

1975 Born in Izmit. 1999 Completed her undergraduate education in Anadolu University, Fine Arts Dept. Ceramics Major. 2010 Received her master’s degree from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Fine ArtsDept. Continues her works on sculpture with sculptor Yunus Tonkus. 2005 Conducted studies on applied furnace building and traditional firing techniques, researchon Anagram, Noborigama furnaces used in Traditional Japanese Ceramics, in Tokoname city ofJapan. 2009 within the scope of Singapore Art Show at Wessex Estate Art Community OpenStudio, Joy Clay & Art Studio, realised a ceramic demonstration on Traditional ÇanakkaleCeramics as a guest artist. Received Special Prize in ?zmir Rotary Club Altin Testi Seramik Competition with her work “BıZıM SINIF” in 1998, Achievement Prize in Ceramic field of T.C. 61.Devlet Resim, Heykel, Özgün Baski ve Seramik Competition with her work “SU” in 2000. Opened 3 solo exhibitions and participated in many national and international group exhibitions. Herworks have entered institutional and private collections in Japan, Singapore, Greece, USA, Bosnia Herzegovina and Turkey. Continues to work as a lecturer in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Fine Arts Faculty, Ceramics Department since 2001. Selected Solo Exhibitions 2014 "ABSTRACT" Çanakkale Marine Museum, Muavenet-i Milliye Art Gallery, ÇANAKKALE 2007 "Troia’da Ölüm Vardi.!" M.O.Korfmann Library Art Gallery, ÇANAKKALE 2005 "M. Berrin KAYMAN Ceramic exhibition",Asmal? Mescit Balikçisi, Beyoglu - ISTANBUL Selected Group Exhibitions 2015 "Hür Te?ebbüs" Free Action Grup Exhibition. Kedi Art Gallery, ?zmir, Turkey 2015 "Hür Tesebbüs" Free Action Grup Exhibition. Antic Hotel Cisterna Art Galeria. Sultanahmet/ISTANBUL, Turkey 2013 "Yaz Karmasi" Arte Istanbul Art Gallery, Beyoglu / ISTANBUL, Turkey 2010 "Protecting Cultural Heritage". ÇOMÜ Exhibition of the Faculty of Fine Arts ÇANAKKALE, Turkey 2008 T.C.Culture and Tourism Ministry 68. Goverment painting, sculpture, ceramic, printmaking competition, ?ZM?R, Turkey 2008 "Dynamic Unity/ Dynamic Union" XXIV International Festival Sarajevo / BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 2007‘‘Municipality of Mandamados Panlesvian Ceramics Exhibition’’Mandamados/ GREECE Other activities 2010 "2.International Jaksonville Turkish Festival" Ceramic exhibition and workshop, Florida / USA. 2009 "Singapore Art Show", Singapore Art @ Wessex Estate Art Comunity Open Studio, Joy Clay & Art Studio, Workshop, SINGAPORE 2005‘‘International World Ceramic Art in Tokoname’’(IWCAT) Workshop and exhibition, Aichi - Tokoname/ JAPAN 2000 Eczacıbasi Vitra Art Studion ‘‘Kisisel IZLER 3’’ ISTANBUL Symposiums 2015 2. International Mehmet Nuri Göçen Symposium, Kusadasi Turkey 2007 Suna Inan KIRAÇ Vakfi (AKMED) "Usage of Akköy region kiln slags with minium and boron compound and similarities of Traditional Çanakkale pottery applied glazes" ANTALYA, Turkey 2003 3.International Pismis Toprak Symposium, “Colored glaze experiments with Çanakkale Akköy region kiln slags” ESK??EH?R, Turkey Awards 2015, 30th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, Honorable Mention, New York, U.S.A 2000 Culture and Tourism Ministry 61. Goverment painting, sculpture, ceramic, printmaking competition, Ceramic Grand Award, ANKARA 1988 Izmir Rotay Club, "Altin Testi" ceramic competition, Mehmet AKGÜN Special Award, IZMIR