Molly Diana Murphy


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Molly Diana Murphy
About the author

I am an artist and art therapist, from Memphis, Michigan and currently living in Royal Oak, Michigan. An understanding of the power of personal transformation and self awareness drives my commitment to making art and to my art therapy practice. Balancing these professional endeavors, I maintain a constant dialogue with myself and with the evolving world I live in. I am fascinated by the interaction between inner worlds and outer worlds and the way that relationship influences our sense of being human. I believe that a recognition of unhealthy and healthy patterns, whether behavioral, emotional or mental, hinge on our individual perceptions of choice and potential. Authentic change requires access to our immediate personal truths, uncovering both subconscious resistances and creative empowerment. My work represents an evolution, a descent into the fire-filled depths of despair and heartache in order to discover seeds of greatness, transforming daily and universal conflicts. Human health is transformed through the reverberating and overlapping domains of mental consciousness, emotional or empathic intelligence, physical manifestations of authenticity and truth, and miraculous spiritual partnerships. A holographic evolution hinges on my ability to become personally healthier in body, mind and spirit and to consciously make progressively better choices. I become aware of my choices from the contrasts and conflicts that arise in daily living.