Mimi Chen Ting


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Mimi Chen Ting
About the author

Mimi Chen Ting is an abstract painter based in Taos, New Mexico, and the San Francisco Bay Area in California. She received the Agnes Martin Award for Abstract Painting and Drawing in 2012. Born in Shanghai and raised in Hong Kong, Mimi came to San Francisco, CA to pursue degrees in Sociology and English Literature. At the end of her third year in college she discovered her true calling as a maker of pictures. She completed her B.A. in Art at San Jose State University, and an M.A. several years later. Her first solo exhibition at the Lucien Labaudt Gallery in San Francisco received a positive critical review from Thomas Albright in the San Francisco Chronicle. Throughout her career Mimi has maintained an active practice in painting and printmaking, and pursued studies in various dance forms, becoming one of four founding members of a modern dance company in 1981. She also began teaching drawing and design at the college level, and continued experimentation in movement-based performance work, integrating static and kinetic elements. Continuously inspired by the changing vistas and surroundings of her own migratory patterns, she embraces non-associative colors, heightened contrasts, and sinuous contours that inform her work. Mimi’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries, and educational institutions throughout the United States and abroad, and can be found in numerous public, corporate, and private collections. Her work has been reviewed in Art Week, Art & Design Magazine, Asian Art News, and Taos Magazine, among other publications. In the summer of 2013, forty-eight of her works were featured in three concurrent exhibitions in Taos: “Off the Wall” at the Taos Inn (where she stayed on her first visit to Taos), “On the Move” at the Hulse Warman Gallery, and “In the Groove” at the Encore Gallery of the Taos Center of the Arts. Since 2012, three of her paintings have been included in the Art in Embassy program at The Hague.