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Michelle Wermuth
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Early in the morning as the sun begins to rise, I can usually be found out in the woods behind our house stalking dew drops. My eyes are saturated with the way the light reflects off the water drops. The colors that are enhanced by the dew and early sunshine draw me in and I can’t help but capture what I see. I can spend hours outside crawling around in the high grass seeking out the tiny unseen plants, weeds as some would say; beauty is what I call them. I enjoy capturing something so small and hidden that most people have never seen it before. My camera becomes an extension of myself. I am capturing the colors, textures and light that I see. The bright greens, reds and purples of miniscule flowers and grasses fill my eyes. Macro photography is a true expression of how I see things. I see the tiny miniscule details and want to show the world. Usually those drops are only a couple of millimeters in size. The natural world is constantly shifting and changing with the seasons, and as such my work is the same. In the spring my images are bright and colorful. In the winter they are black and white and sepia. My editing process is pretty simple. I want to keep the images as I saw them in the camera so I rarely crop the images. I compose my images in the camera the way I want to see them printed. My prints and canvas’s are true to format. Coming from a background in shooting with film it only makes sense for me to treat the digital files as I would a negative, thus my images are only color corrected and density corrected, as a lab would do to a negative. I would love for everyone to see what I see. It is a very peaceful and joy filled way of looking at the world. I love to show my work to as many people as possible so that they might see as I do. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio but moved to Cincinnati for college. I studied photography at Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, where I received an associates in fine art degree. I have been a photographer since high school. I met my husband at Antonelli and have stayed in the area ever since. My husband and I own a portrait studio, Masterworks Photography, in Northern Kentucky and have photographed weddings and portraits for over 20 years.