Nancy Arthur-McGehee


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Nancy Arthur-McGehee
About the author

Drawing is core to everything that I do. I draw everyday and am rarely without a sketchbook. It is through drawing that I learn to see. I have been engraving glass for almost thirty years. Engraving glass combines the pleasure of drawing with the joy of working a medium that captures, transmits, and reflects light. Using a combination of diamond drills and abrasive sand I carve intricately engraved vessels and panels. While my engraving skills are largely self-taught, I was greatly influenced by Jiri Harcuba at the Pilchuck School in 1986. I have also studied with Frantisek Janak at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. In addition to engraving glass I have worked extensively as a scientific illustrator, using a stereo microscope with lucida attachment. Professional affiliations are with: The London-based Guild of Glass Engravers (elected Craft Member-2006), The Glass Art Society, and Gem Artists of North America.