Nancy Good


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Nancy Good
About the author

Nancy Good is a Fine Art Photographer/Mixed-Media Artist living and working in the Southern Nevada/California area. Mostly self-taught, Nancy engages in a continuing study of unique photographers and visual artists of all types as a means to developing her own craft, while working with a mixed bag of photographic equipment and approaches to photography and visual arts. Fearless experimentation has helped her create a confident, critical approach to her art, liberating her to capture and create images of unexpected beauty among the seemingly mundane. Utilizing varied photographic and mixed-media techniques, including infrared photography, specialized lenses, digital post-production work, paints, glazes, fabrics, found objects and more, Nancy pursues unusual and unexpected perspectives of familiar subjects, inviting viewers to take a deeper look into what’s before them, as well as what’s within. A published and award-winning photographer, Nancy’s work has regularly been selected for exhibits across the country in high profile locations such as an upcoming solo exhibit at the Nashville International Airport, an extended solo show at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, and galleries in the Southeast, Nevada and California. Her fine art pieces have also been added to private collections throughout the U.S. and overseas through sales, gifts and charitable donations. In addition to being a full-time artist/photographer and increasingly active in her local arts community, Nancy frequently teaches beginning and intermediate camera classes, presents round-table discussions/artist’s talks on creative techniques, and leads photo tours/field-trips.