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Noël Hudson
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Noël Hudson Bio/Statement My paintings and works on paper reflect an amalgam of influences beginning with my birth in San Francisco and early years spent growing up in southern California. Art and design were my passion and I was fortunate to be mentored by an extraordinary high school art teacher who motivated me to become an artist and art educator. Later, the substantial arts and humanities curriculum at Scripps College, Claremont CA enriched and broadened my artistic focus and it was there that I met and studied with two artist/professors, master ceramist Paul Soldner and nationally known painter Roger Kuntz, who were to further encourage my development as an artist. During these formative years the fashion world provided summer employment and later, after graduation, led to positions as a fashion coordinator for several large southern California department stores. National and international travel and experiencing foreign cultures play an Important part in my artistic career. While working on my Master’s degree in art at Claremont Graduate University I studied art history while traveling extensively in Europe. A year later I left the United States for Asia where I spent three years teaching art, studying with a Japanese print maker, exploring Japan and visiting numerous Southeast Asian countries. In 1980, attracted by the cultural diversity and dramatic landscape of New Mexico, I moved from southern California to Taos to focus on painting. Since then I have continued to live and maintain my studio near the Rio Grande River in Taos, Albuquerque and currently Santa Fe for the past thirty-two years while concurrently continuing my travels nationally and internationally. Creatively, I have enjoyed artistic diversity and experimentation in a variety of media and styles over the years and my work has been widely collected in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. While living and teaching in California I was known for my powerful and distinct contemporary artworks in clay and fiber. In New Mexico, I have focused on painting, printmaking and collage in compositions which reflect my interest in and love for both abstraction and representation. Here, the beauty and variety of the natural world in its many forms has been a rich source of inspiration for my inner life and my work. Intuition and an emotional response guide my approach to each subject which then allow me to combine similar compositional elements such as bold design, expressive use of color, patterned surface and distinctive mark making with a spirit of movement.