Natalee Parochka


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Natalee Parochka
About the author

This artist has been involved in art since she was five years old. She has worked with every medium including jewelry. When she was a senior in college she had a teacher, Lee Johnson. Her art professor taught her how to work with oils. Ever since then she prefers to paint with oils because, "They are much more vibrant than any other medium I have ever worked with!" When this contemporary artist thought about a new painting, she is usually filled with a lot energy and can usually create a painting in about one hour. She prefers to do abstract work because people see what they want to see. It may not be exactly what the artist had in mind, but you would be surprised at how many different views or discussions are possible. This new and emerging artist likes to work with several different types of pallets, brushes, chalk, and mediums. She is more addicted to her art supplies more than her office supplies. She uses a stand-up wooden easel for most of her latest paintings.