Natalie Priddy


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Natalie Priddy
About the author

My life in art started when I was seven years of age. I was fascinated by master paintings in the art history books at my primary school library. I knew then that I wanted to obtain that level of skill. As years passed and I had reached secondary school my drawings started to become gestural as I felt like was drawing mainly by emotion. AS I got older my work began to tighten and I became increasingly interested in conceptual art and my concepts stem mainly from my life experiences. I was born in Nigeria to an American father and Nigerian mother. I then went to boarding school in Ireland at age seven. At sixteen, I resided in the Republic of Guinea. I later moved to Chicago for my higher education. The influences of these countries have given me a unique outlook. I am an observer of different cultures. For me it is very important to know what is going on in the world because I want my work to be current and diverse. When people see my work I want them to see something new but feel something familiar. It has led me to one of my goals as an artist. This is to move American art passed contemporary times while maintaining its cultural identity.