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Natalie Reilly
About the author

I grew up and currently live in Southern California. It is home to me, my husband and my two children. While attending Fullerton College in the early 1990's, I took art history, painting and drawing classes. Art was my niche and my happy place. It was at that time I knew I had a passion for acrylic brush painting. After college I did paint for a time, then my busy life took precedence. I had to put my artwork on hold for a while. Marriage ( to my high school sweetheart), 2 children, etc. took priority. Now, my kids are older and I'm back to doing what I love...painting. My paintings focus on bold colors and clean lines. Some of my paintings focus on a simple subject and others tell more of a story. Many of my pieces are nature and travel inspired. Other works are more contemporary themed. Acrylic paints are usually my medium of choice. Much of my work on canvas is created with a constant blend of bright acrylic color. I'm pleased to say that I have been in several live galleries, and online juried exhibitions. Some of my pieces have been awarded. I have had works published in artists magazines. My paintings have been sold to private collectors, some who have commissioned me to paint additional pieces for them. There is no better compliment. I believe each piece of artwork should be a challenge for me to create. It is a necessity to have to think through every brush stroke, color blend, composition and subject matter. Taking a painting from an empty white canvas to something unique and captivating is best feeling on earth! Art is a great communicator...everyone sees it differently. This is the inspiration that keeps me painting until my fingers ache.