Peter Attila Andrusko


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Peter Attila Andrusko
About the author

The work of Peter Attila Andrusko is primarily focused on the creation of unique, fine-art applications in the built environment, often incorporating natural stone and/or other legacy materials. As a natural stone specialist, the artist's goal is to create unique, one-of-a-kind works often in partnership with other artists, architects, general contractors, environmental graphic designers and sign design professionals to incorporate the intrinsic beauty and gravitas of traditional legacy materials into the built environment. With a design focus on: traditional Bas-relief, Architectural Applied Arts, Environmental Graphics, Donor Recognition, Fine Art Engraving & Direct Hand-carved Lettering, Pavements and Inlays, Landscape Architecture Features, Public Memorials and Sculpture the artist's approach has become a comprehensive package of Identity | Design | Solutions. As an artist-design practitioner, Peter has many roles: Concept Creator, Design Development, Consultant, Materials Selection, Craftsman, Artist, Problem Solver, Inventor, Optimist, Pragmatist, Facilitator, Project Management, Task-oriented Producer and Installer. The nature of his work requires a constant striving for excellence: this path is definitely a process and mindset, rather than a destination: staying up to date with methodologies, technology, acquiring relevant knowledge and being the best he is capable of being both as an artist and a design professional; meeting and - if possible - exceeding expectations as he performs his work and those tasks required to run a business and stay viable; to develop the client base needed to become and remain relevant as an artist-practitioner mixing traditional, stone-related craft-work and high-technology digital fabrication.