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Peter Bulow MD/MFA Email: novalis112000@yahoo.com Exhibits MFA thesis exhibit, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 1995. Sculpture and Painting Mt. Sinai Medical Center, 2001, 2002/ Sculpture and Painting, Columbia University Medical Center, Bard Hall, 2005, 2006, 2007. "Alzheimer's Madonna featured on March 2008 cover of "The American Journal of Psychiatry". American Psychiatric Association Convention, San Franscisco, Cal 5/09 Performances 1. “The Book of Isaac” for puppets and actors. Allerton, Ill 1990-91. 2. “The Silver Boat” for puppets and actors. Channing Murray Foundation, Urbana, Ill 1990. Adaptation of book on sexual abuse for puppet theater. 3. “The Rubber Angel”, for puppets and actors. Channing Murray Foundation, Urbana, Ill 1991. Tells the story of a boy with a birth defect. 4. “The Terrible Story of Rabbi Schluck”, for puppets, in Hindi. Rabbi Schluck finds out late in life that his parents were holocaust survivors. 5. “Stories from My Mother”, for puppets and actors. Channing Murray Foundation, Urbana, Ill. 1994. Holocaust stories from Berlin and Hungary. 6. “Hasidic Tales from the Holocaust”, adapted from book of same name, for puppets and actors. Performed outside at night at “La Casa Granda Collectiva”, Urbana, Ill. 1996. 7. “The Picture Book”, a paper theater. Pune, India. Performed at Mukhtangan De-Addiction Center, Yerwada, Pune,1996. A rolling paper scroll of drawings, set to a musical score, tells the story. 8. “AIDS Kay Ahe?” (AIDS, what’s that?) In Marathi. For two life sized puppets. Performed on the grounds of the sexually transmitted disease clinic at Sassoon Government Hospital, Pune, India, 1997. 9. “Pilgrim Story”, for puppets and actors. International House, Champaign, Ill. 1997. 10. “FAUST”, puppets and sculpture sets (life sized gargoyles, wall relief) for the Amato Opera production of Gunaud’s FAUST.NY, NY 2000. 11. “Concerning the Soul of the Knockout Mutant”, for puppets. Dixon Place, NY, NY 2007. Grants, Scholarships Merit Scholarship, Art Student's League of New York, 2007. Education Queens College BA University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Medical Scholars Program MD 1996, MFA 1995.