Philip Lawson


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Philip Lawson
About the author

Philip Lawson Was born in Bristol Tennessee in 1967. Lawson works in a variety of mediums including painting , sculpture, scoring film, as a videographer on international scale. His most recent series are called "Weapons of Light- The art of Peace". He cast the iconic AK47 in clear resin and names each one after a virtue. This conceptual series is a statement that all conflicts can be dealt with through peaceful means. This series DOSE NOT glorify the weapon but the weapon is transformed into a virtue. Into a "Weapon of Light" This is about practicing restraint under provocation, using Charity, Fortitude and Love to resolve conflict. I have 25 full sized 3 demential multicolored sculpture and prints ready for exhibition. These sculpture have been seen in 2014 In New York City, Paris France, Athen Greece, Panama City Panama, Belgrade Serbia. I have request from Erbil Iraq and Tehran Iran.