Pacia Sallomi


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Pacia Sallomi
About the author

I am an associate professor of art at Carroll University where I teach painting and drawing. I have had over twenty solo art exhibitions and been included in over sixty-five national and international exhibitions. Painting is an intuitive exploration of mysteries. What most intrigues me about making art is it's connection to Shamanism. Sometimes I use ancient symbols in my work in order to explore their meaning, to me, today. Sometimes the subject matter is drawn from life or from interior reflections of it. I have had the opportunity to explore Magdalenian cave paintings in southwestern France. I lived among petroglyphs in the American Southwest. I worked for years as a homebirth midwife and was surrounded by ritual and the awesome power of a woman in the midst of life that is larger than culture. I don’t make art that is about culture, but art that is integral to our humanity. For me, this is a shamanistic journey, whatever the subject matter.