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Pamela Shipley
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S T A T E M E N T Data: things known or assumed as facts, making the basis of reasoning or calculation. Our society has become fixated on data. My recent works are data drawings – based on data derived from natural forms. They are ruminations on perception, memory, and reality. I use raw data, elements collected from our natural environment. These data are original: products of evolution. Each drawing is a data set that expresses a particular experience – a moment or a place. The drawings evolve as I analyze and interpret the data. And they convey – through line, shape and form – the fundamental truth, the logic, and finally the beauty that I see. Working on a square picture plane, I ink the surface of the data and then collage impressions of it onto a page. When the ink is dry I begin to study. At first glance the page appears blank, flat and white. But as I pause and truly look, a mark or sequence of marks becomes evident and I make note of them using my pencil. Marks begin to multiply on the page. Occasionally many marks come into focus all at once, inspiring momentary chaos (indecision). But patience returns and I resume the task of reading and marking, articulating the data as I see it. I am conscious to observe it from multiple viewpoints so that variables like time and light have an opportunity to reveal nuanced characteristics in the data. I continue to note what I perceive, with pencil. Patterns form and the data literally start to visually make sense. This process continues over many sittings. And, like a puzzle, it ends when it has reached a logical conclusion. In these works I explore a process that mimics life and our compulsion to make sense of it. Our seemingly common and yet essentially individual experiences shape our perception of the world; certainly mine bias this interpretation of the data. Similarly, others will perceive and respond to it in their own way. Each data drawing is block ink, naturally occurring pigment, and graphite on a 12" square panel unless otherwise noted. R E C E N T G R O U P E X H I B I T I O N S Force of Nature: Exploring the Power of the Feminine, Juried by Judith Brodsky, Karl Drerup Art Gallery, Plymouth State University, Plymouth NH ViewPoints 2015, Juried by Jeffrey Wechsler, Studio Montclair at Aljira - A Center for Contemporary Art, Newark NJ THIRD PLACE AWARD THE (UN)SCENE ART SHOW, Slideroom Honorable Mention, New York NY Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound - Part 1 & Part 2, WAH Center, Williamsburg-Brooklyn NY Paperworks 2014, Upstream Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson NY Marylou Hillyer Members Show, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit NJ Total Texture, Art Alliance of Monmouth County, Red Bank NJ