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Renee Adams
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Artist Statement:: Much of my work is inspired by the Chinese masters, Taoism, philosophy, and the wonderful things in ordinary life. Whether it’s the slant of light as August folds into September, the brilliant orange of a Cheeto, or the playful humor of a kitten, I find the movement of art present in all things. Chinese brush painting is part of my daily meditation. I take each stroke, each layer, and each subject seriously. Yet, in all that heaviness, there's something wonderfully humorous. The lighthearted balances the grave. Such is the harmony of life. Bio:: Ren Adams has been involved in the arts since she was a child. A native of southern California, she assisted her parents with in-person art shows, benefits, and gallery events across Los Angeles. Her mother, southwestern artist Rosalie Rushing (Rosalie Adams) is a talented artist living in Lancaster, California with over 35 years of experience in acrylic and mixed media. Her father (Craige Adams) is also an inventive stained glass crafter. Originally devoted to music and the performing arts, Ren studied visual art, music, anthropology, mythology, and poetry at Antelope Valley Community College, where she graduated with honors. She mentored in poetry under Charles Hood and Robert Peters and went on to attend the University of California, Berkeley, where she studied poetry under Thom Gunn and pursued additional techniques in art and writing. She has a B.A. from UC Berkeley and offers classes through the UNM campus, as well as through her own private studio. She embraces her life as a New Mexico artist and is the publicist for the Factory on 5th Art Space. She is also the co-founder of the Duke City Renegades Art Guild, an active local arts & crafts alliance devoted to living, sharing, and selling artwork. She coordinated and co-founded The Wooden Cow Gallery and Art Space co-operative project, with husband Ken Murakami and artist LaRue Claros, and served as gallery president and advertising director during organization and early operations. She has always been fascinated by cross-disciplinary studies and she finds traditional Chinese brush painting to be the perfect blend of history, artistry, and harmony. She began brush painting as part of her spiritual path. As a Taoist, she takes brush painting very seriously and paints as part of her daily meditation. Each painting is one step farther along the path of enlightenment, internal balance, and happiness. Each painting is one step improved over the last. Each painting is meant for someone special. Ren is also a published writer and poet, whose poetry has appeared in many literary publications. Within her music career, she also performed in a number of select ensembles, including the Los Angeles Olympics opening ceremony band, regional and state honor bands, the Tournament of Roses Marching Band, and other groups. Her husband, Ken Murakami, is a talented silversmith and jeweler who calls himself a "texturist." He also shows work in Albuquerque.