Renee Bitinas


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Renee Bitinas
About the author

Fine art painter, Renee Bitinas is a modern and contemporary artist located in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Renee’s goal is to further connect people globally through art and revive style and sophistication through modern abstract oil paintings. In 2010, Renee moved to Germany and completed a tour in the Air Force. While in Germany, she traveled throughout Europe visiting art galleries, historical buildings, landmarks and art museums which inspired her to make a career change. In 2013, Renee moved back to her hometown of Portland, Oregon and continued her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2016. With the combination of her European artistic travels, a degree in interior design and self-taught ability she found her artistic voice and released her passion and talent for oil painting. Since 2018, Renee works full-time as an artist and uses her interior design experience in building a professional art practice business. Renee now has dozens of collectors worldwide who have acquired originals and prints. In addition, commissioned art work is in private and public spaces.