raphaele cohen-bacry


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Raphaele Cohen-Bacry
About the author

I am a painter and a mixed media artist born and raised in Paris, France. There, I studied painting and engraving in various schools while completing my Doctorate in pharmacology and a degree in performing arts at l’École de la Rue Blanche in Paris. I painted in my Parisian studio for several years, spending a few months in NYC now and then, to work with other artists. One of those trips was in 2001, the week of 9/11. It was a terrible experience that taught me a lot. I was then sharing an art studio in Harlem. During that time I made a body of work along with diary illustrated how I perceived what was going on in the city. I moved to California in 2003. Because it was such a big change and just the opposite of everything else I knew, I liked Los Angeles from the beginning. This is an uneasy place to describe and to categorize, and this is precisely why I find it fascinating. Here there is a feeling of freedom and possibility that has influenced my creation process greatly. My latest and most innovative research is about collage. This is an old practice that I find is often underused. My collages evoke recurrent themes such as the new versus the old, the sublime versus the trivial, the famous versus the obscure. What is unique in the way I approach collage is the fact that I am mainly using pictures of artworks from auction magazines.