Ronn Hollis


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Ronn Hollis
About the author

Known for using line, color, and texture to evoke emotion from those viewing his work, Ronn Hollis’ expressionist paintings are enjoyed by collectors nationwide. His images are always painterly and beautiful but invariably offer a glimpse into a simpler, happier time. “My family is my life and the color and feeling in my paintings are, to me, a direct reflection of the joy given to me by my children.” Born in Alabama, Hollis is the oldest of three children. “Even as a kid, I would rather draw my own pictures instead of simply using a coloring book. My parents took note and had me painting with oils by the age of nine. My art was and is a release, a joy, and a comfort in my life. The fact that others find similar emotion in my paintings is a blessing.” Hollis studied business and art in college but his artistic focus then was more on sculpture. “I loved working in marble but would always fall back to painting when I felt “stuck” in a sculpture project. Invariably, doing large, contemporary paintings would free my mind to find the solution I needed for the sculpture. Even now, in business and at home, the act of painting still provides me clarity.” Contemporary artists whose work inspires Hollis include Michelle Torrez, Francis Livingston, and Kim English. Hollis is married and the father of four budding artists. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama and his Masters from the Owen Graduate School of Business at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.