Raven Skye McDonough


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Raven Skye McDonough
About the author

Classically trained at The School of the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, Raven Skye McDonough is an internationally recognized Florida based mixed media artist. Raven draws her inspiration from nature, wild life and her nightly dreams. Her deep spiritual connection and social awareness also has her tackling subject matter ranging from war, environmental issues, political concerns, woman's issues and mans journey to become enlightened beings. Raven has exhibited in group and solo shows in New York, Florida, New England and other East Coast art markets. She’s sold many works of art to private collectors located across the USA and Europe, and was selected as Florida Artist of the year by Twin Cities TOSCA Art & Culture magazine for its American Artist series 2013. More information about this artist can be found at www.ravenskyestudio.com