Ruth Parker


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Ruth Parker
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Artist Statement: ‘Photography allows us the unique experience to see the world through another’s eyes- if only for a fleeting moment. It allows us to share with others that which is gone forever in an instant if not captured through the lens. In this way, we become connected to one another through a precious shared visual experience.’ Biography As a photographer, I am interested in the exploration of digital technologies that have the ability to create new visual experiences. Sometimes representational, sometimes abstract, I am searching for an evocative visual experience that allows the viewer to connect with an emotion within. Trained as a technologist, I have taken some photography classes along the way but am far (very far) from being formally trained as an artist. Over the years travelling with a camera has j always been a dedicated activity. Some people actually like my work. Some like it enough to hang on their wall. I have even been juried into a few competitions along the way. Recently, I have focused on understanding and communicating images across the digital divide- the chasm between traditional visual art forms and their digital descendants. I struggle with constructing images that focus the viewer on lingering and absorbing details rather than quickly scanning and dismissing the content. Professional Memberships Philadelphia Museum of Art – Artist Membership Salmagundi Club – New York, NY MainLine Art Center Professional Artist