Seda Baghdasarian


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Seda Baghdasarian
About the author

After over two decades of creative architectural & interior design work in corporate, show set & entertainment industries, producing & conceptualizing a range of restaurant, retail, and themed entertainment designs built for major Hollywood studios such as Disney and Universal, Seda decided to create artwork based in painting, photography, mise-en scene, and experimental film. In 2000 she began classical painting with 3rd generation portrait artist Arthur Bjorn Egeli, who apprenticed color with American impressionist Henry Henche. Since her first visit to Armenia in 2006 she worked closely in the atelier of Armenian master painter Armen Atayan in Yerevan, Armenia. Atayan is a living legend that taught academic painting for over 40 years at the famed Repin Academy in Moscow and The Yerevan Art Academy. Always supportive of environmental conservation efforts, she continues her inspired journey, working by the sea in Malibu, with art as an extension & reflection of life. Artist Statement: I am moved by the natural world, earth sky and sea, with all its’ beauty and mystery. I aim to promote the appreciation & conservation of our natural environment through painting, photography and other art forms. Sometimes the inspiration to recreate nature is effortless, like the miracle of light and shadow, a surprise spray of spring color, sparkle of waves or fog in the trees. Other times, I am on an intentional quest to capture the glory in a far corner of the earth. When I see it, ineffably, I am elated to a magical place. My methods are simple: I am present and observe, I work fast to savor the moment, aiming to echo and portray the wonder with brush or lens. I aim to find the expressions of light, harmony and wonder and how it makes me feel, where dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream- I take time to ponder their true essence. Losing this edge allows me to journey into a new visionary space, and transform through art.