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Shohini Ghosh
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Artist Bio-Shohini Ghosh My name is Shohini Ghosh born in New Delhi, India in 1970, moved to Colorado in 1998 ever since a Denver based sculptor, one of the few women sculptors of Indian origin living and creating in the United States. I have been sculpting for the last 17 years after graduating with a degree in Arts from the renowned Sir J. J. School of Art at the University of Bombay in India. I have taught as a lecturer in Metallurgy and History of Art in the same college for 4 years. I have made Denver my home since 1998 and have continued my career as a professional sculptor specializing in multimedia sculpture and murals. I have been creating bronze sculptures and copper murals as my primary medium. I work with bronze as I love the challenge of converting cold hard metal into soft sensitive very earthy reflections of life. I work on bringing forth the chemistry between groups of people that ultimately tell a story, illustrating the basic human nature of being a social creature. I am lately working on a series called ‘Dialogue’ showing simple beauty that lives in and around us. With my strong modeling influenced from art school the work shows expressionist Flair. My style evolved from the joining of a naturalistic style to a more structured impressionist style called ‘Synthetism’. My work can be best described as symbolic representations of personal expression and a figurative, stylistic representation of life’s subtle moments. My Murals Show my skill of metal smiting and experience with working with copper sheet for so long .I developed a very unique art form on copper murals .I have been using copper patina as paint to color the surface of the metal. I am enamored by cityscapes .I primarily grew up in a very densely populated city called Bombay in India. I have grown to believe that the vibrancy of the cityscape sets the basic character and the identity of a people. My first visit to Pompeii in Italy in 1990 left a lasting impression on me. I believe that the personality of the people as well as their progress comes for the character of the city. That started on the path of creating cityscapes. I chose copper sheet as my canvas as it is a pure metal and has a live surface, reacting with the atmosphere…like most cities. I exhibit my murals and sculptures at art festivals in Colorado like The Boulder Art Festival, Loveland Sculpture Invitational, Art Student League Art Fair, Highlands Ranch Art and Wine tasting Festival. I have had 10 solo exhibitions and exhibited in 60 shows to my credit so far.