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S.R. LaCroix
About the author

For more than 30 years, Steven R. LaCroix has been an accomplished fine artist, with talents in both computer-generated art and traditional watercolor painting. With a B.A. in Art from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and an Associate's degree in Advertising Design from Chicago's American Academy of Art, Steve draws upon his extensive art knowledge and education to create innovative designs and artwork. In his series, "Reflective Graphics," Steve is inspired by his own photography, while exploring multiple angles of abstract shapes and the effects of light. In 2011, Steve launched his "Light Paintings" series exploring the intricacies of colors and patterns of light illuminations. Beyond his fine arts experience, Steve is a successful commercial artist and along with his artist wife, Patricia, owns his own design business, LaCroix Creative. Located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, LaCroix Creative provides graphic arts and editorial services to businesses and individuals: