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Sooo-z Mastropietro
About the author

Sooo-z Mastropietro Hailing from the tranquil surrounds of the Hudson Valley, Sooo-z channeled an unusual energy from her docile environment. It was here that she first experimented with fashion and fabric construction and eventually harnessing her present day aesthetic. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with a BFA in Fashion Design and Textile Design, Sooo-z parlayed her talents into unfettered territories when she realized she didn't have to settle for one thing. Her early adventures included costume designing for a rock band as well as for local community theater. With an official career that began in the interior design sector as an Art Director for a high end custom art rug gallery, her greatest affirmation came as a special collaboration featured a layout in a “Before and After” segment in Architectural Digest. She then created “Mastropiece” a silk painting business, to create and sell her own accessory and apparel designs that infused art with utilitarian purpose. Her wares were sold at high-end craft shows at the Puck Building and the Armory. Apparel and accessory design utilizing innovative fabric manipulation became her artistic signature. Never one to turn down any opportunity, she is more inclined to pursue the moment rather than bank on a grand plan. The NYC years invigorated another artistic outlet once dormant through logistical challenges –the bass. Creative channels opened to full capacity through playing music as she was a member of the NYU Orchestra and the Greenwich Village Symphony before moving to Fairfield County and joining the Civic Orchestra of New Haven and the American Chamber Orchestra. The battle of the mediums endured as there was always a struggle for resources. Despite the claims that she had the ability to bend time, oil painting returned with a force in conjunction with an illustration bonanza which included a line of stationery introduced at the International Stationery Show at the Javits Center and an Estate Rendering business. Currently she is developing a series of new works in a bevy of mixed mediums. Her community contributions range from The Stamford Cow Parade of 2000, The Car Parade of 2001, to Dinosaurs Rule of 2015. She has created Project Return birdhouses, artistic development for the Art About Town event through the WDMA, and ArtSmarts in the Westport Public Schools. She recently had her fabulous Tree Hugger stolen from Westerly,RI's Wilcox park during the VirtuArt Festival but is recovering by building a new one. Currently she has been curating themed art shows for various spaces in Fairfield County including the Maritime Garage Gallery and the Mayor's Gallery of Norwalk. Through her experience as an artist and designer she has also been able to give back to the art world by helping other artists gain exposure and creating new viewing opportunities for art.