Sona Mirzaei


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Sona Mirzaei
About the author

Sona Mirzaei is a contemporary artist from Los Angeles. Building on an innate interest in art evident since she was a child, taking advantage of a rather unorthodox upbringing and indulged her interest in the arts and sports. Exposure to the LA art community led her to finding full expression through her own work, producing a series of collages, paintings, etchings and sculptures that would presage her career as an artist. She had an auspicious debut on the International art scene after two pieces from her collection were chosen as finalists for the 2009 London International Creative Competition. Her art has been showcased privately and publicly in exhibitions, hotels, TV shows, charity auctions and galleries globally. Sona is currently working in abstract formats, mixed media, pop art, figurative, conceptual, 3D and public art. Diversity defines her work and bridges her outlook on life with the creative expression of her many interests including music, literature, world history, daily interaction with people, the entire canvas of art from classical forms to street art; as well as international politics, philosophy, cinema, fashion, and traveling, all of which serves to be an inspiration in her practice. Sona is a vibrant force in the International art community and has exhibited her works in Singapore, Copenhagen, Chicago, Las Vegas, Berlin, Toronto, Paris, Miami, London, New York City, San Francisco, and numerous venues and galleries all over Southern California. She has a genuine artistic pure goal of continuing to evolve and create magic thorough the lens of the visual medium which she believes has the power to transform and transcend virtually any idea. Sona often laughs and says “art and color create energy that provokes emotion and reaction when people see my work. That energy in turn can inspire a deep appreciation of our need for art as human beings to awaken our inner spirits and arouse our creative senses. Without our imagination we have nothing – art creates for humans a stream of consciousness that gives meaning to life and love by giving us the ability to see beyond all boundaries! I truly believe art is the cure for what ails us!”